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JFK Airfield’s Flight School in Dovera, Italy, was founded in 1985 by Alberto Frigerio and is one of the top sport pilots flight schools all over the country, with an asset of hundreds of pilots licensed over 30 years of activity.

Since then, the flight school provides training for those who wish to become sport pilots on microlights airplanes, paramotors, powered paragliding, helicopter and gyroplane guaranteeing the highest quality standards in the industry.

Thanks to highly qualified instructors in the staff, formed in the Air Force, ENAV, CAA, and from the airline transport and commercial airline world, the flying school provides up-to-date courses to ensure that all student pilots have the most comprehensive informations in the framework

Effectiveness and safety are the key words of our flying school

The school is open 7/7, 365 days a year.

The courses can be standard or customized according to the availability of each person, thanks to a structure that offers the best educational tools in a modern and comfortable classroom.

 The courses are held throughout the year and provide practical and theoretical lessons, schedulable every day of the week, from dawn to dusk.

Students are constantly followed by the instructors, who help them overcome any difficulties and to clarify any doubt, to achieve in the shortest time possible the Sport Pilot License.

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Guided tours

At JFK Airfield you can rent one of the Flying School's airplanes and fly all over the country!

You can choose the itinerary according to your preferences, for example fly over the lakes of northern Italy or over the lagoon of Venice, fly over the beautiful coast of Tuscany, Elba Island and Sardinia, land in agritourism, taste typical italian dishes and much more! 


If you have a Ligh Sport Aircfraft Pilot License you can rent the aircraft of your choice and fly alone or with a friend wherever you want and as long as you wish.

Don't have L.S.A. licence? No worries! You can have a guided tour with one of our pilots, the only thing you have to do is to choose the tour you like the most and enjoying it!

Tour above Venice Lagoon
517 Km / 322 Mi

3 Hours
Tour above Corse and Sardinia
1552 Km / 964 Miles

8 Hours
Tour above Tuscany
1.000 Km / 600 Miles

5 Hours
Tour of Northern lakes
479 Km / 298 Miles

3,5 Hours
Tour above Como Lake
200 Km / 120 Miles

1 Hour
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